The Lambrusco e gli abbinamenti gastronomici

The Lambrusco: food matches

This wine is light, sparkling and sincere with the delightful aroma of fresh violets and notes of fresh fruit. It presents a moderate component of tannins that allows it to be refreshing and thus become an excellent companion for hot summer days, to accompany cold cuts and melon. We recommend consuming this wine between 12° and 14° C. In the summer the peasants used this wine as a thirst quenching health drink by mixing it with cold water, when served fresh it is the perfect accompaniment to any barbeque.
In winter it is the best choice to drink with boiled meats and Italian dishes like "zampone, cotecchino and tortelli". It can also be added to hot broth to cool it down while "warming you inside": this was the famous saying of the Mantuan country folk.
Lambrusco is a symbol of this province because it represents the perfect companion for Mantuan traditional cuisine known for its' rich flavourful dishes. Stuffed pasta in broth or sauce and most of the pasta dishes from the Emilian-Lombard tradition are an easy combination for Lambrusco. But, the same can be said about the cold cuts and salame sausage meats, roasted chicken, pork and barbequed meats.


Salami mantovani e insaccati

Northern Italian Barbeque Cuisine

All types of Delicatessen Specialities
Zampone, Cotecchino
Pancetta, Salame, Coppa; Mortadella Bologna, Spalla, Ciccole

Omelettes and Salty Pastries

Stuffed Pasta (in broth or without)
Agnoli, Sorbir di Agnoli
Tortelli in Tomato sauce or with Sausage

Egg Pasta
Tagliatelle in Broth
Tagliatelle with Duck
Maccheroni with Rabbit or Stracotto Stew

Baked Pasta

Rice Dishes
Mantuan Risotto with sausage or puntel fish

Boiled mixed meat
Roasted white meat
Small courtyard poultry
Stewed Snails
Stewed Stracotto bovine or equine

Pike with peppers, Pike with corn polenta
Fresh water fish
Fried Catfish
Eel with peas, stewed, or on the grill
Baked Cefalo
Trout alla Mugnaia
Calamari in tomato sauce
Mixed fish salad

Parmigiano e Grana with Mantuan sweet Mustard
Mantuan Bussolano
Sbrisolona crumb cake
Fiappone and Chisulin
Pumpkin pie-cake

Agnoli in brodo - sorbir d'agnoli
Tortelli di zucca
Bollito misto
Luccio in salsa con polenta
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