Lambrusco mantovano Luna di Marzo
Luna di Marzo è The Lambrusco mantovano D.O.C. prodotto da Terre del Po



This is a brand name for the production of lambrusco wine that captures the essence of the way of life of the benedictine monks and the culture of the mantuan peasants while offering a modern interpretation of the territory's age old traditions.

Head Offices: Via Donati n. 2 - Mantova - Italy
Telephone: +39 340. 7240403 - Fax +39 0376. 223323
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The project

Terre del Po, began as a project idealized to recuperate the age-old traditions and organolectic qualities once found in the way of life of the mantuan peasants and the Benedictine monks that have been passed down through generations and are still present in the production of Mantuan Lambrusco. Mantova has a long tradition of extensive culinary knowledge and it is the homeland of Mantuan Lambrusco wine, a unique product with a rich history. Lambrusco is a characterized by a pleasing taste and elegant balance with moderate alcohol content. The elegance of our wine is its' truly innovative quality that distinguishes it among other Italian DOC standard products.
Furthermore the Terre del Po Lambrusco reflects our meticulous attention to the health of our vines, the perfect ripening and selection of our grapes as well as the careful regulation during the process of vinification.

The realization of this project would have been impossible without the active collaboration and consultation of Prof. Luigi Bortolotti, sommelier, noted for his active participation as a professional wine taster and professor at the heart of AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) as well as his involvement as a qualified consultant for guides and magazines that focus on culinary critics and tourism. Bortolotti's suggestions, based on his extensive experience and personal knowledge of Mantuan culture, were a determining factor in the choices oriented on recuperating the flavour typical of Mantuan Lambrusco and in the regulation of the organolectic evolution of our wine during the vinification cycle.

Luna di Marzo (March moon) is the harmonic blend of historic and modern tastes, adding a hint softness and elegance to the peculiar characteristics of this grape variety that for centuries has been considered one of enology's rustic rebels. The result is a delightful wine, with the healthy beneficial qualities of a high amount of poliphenol and low alcohol content. This wine easily accompanies a variety of dishes from traditional Mantuan specialties to general Italian cuisine. It is delicately effervescent which assists the digestion process and renders this wine an ideal companion for the modern daily diet.


Luigi Bortolotti (As told by M.Dell'Eugenio)

Luigi Bortolotti Luigi is a friend. Sharing his passion for wine (real passion not the passing fashionable interest found in many other "experts") means absolutely sharing the same values that create great wines: a love for the territory, for traditions, for hard labour and sincere friendship... period. Luigi is also my teacher. Tasting wine with him, face to face, is an experience that I try never to miss. Because above all, he teaches me to understand wine and due to his ability to communicate emotions that move and excite his fortunate audience. I always remain fascinated by his skill in going above and beyond the normal schematics associated with the "Marasca Maceration" or the strict (sometimes too strict) logic of giving a point grade to products. Luigi has never recommended that I try a wine that I then found boring or average, but always products with special qualities, often with characteristics that are hard to recognize or correctly interpret by others (Myself included, obviously). I'm always struck by his interpretations of the subtle nuances, those nuances that in wine guides, perhaps, are awarded few points, but that actually distinguish a good wine from a great one. Luigi is from Mantova. He loves the traditions of his territory, the area around the Po river, and he is always in search of its' authentic, age old flavours. Simple but almost forgotten tastes, like that of refined Lambrusco, a buried treasure that Luigi so often speaks of. Everyone knows about Luigi's vast experience in the wine tasting world: he has been the head of the AIS in Mantova for years, an association for which he has been a part of countless prestigious projects (he participated in the AIS committee as the national supervisor for wine tasting). He is an honorary sommelier for the Association Suiss des Sommeliers Professionels. He collaborates with a variety of magazines and guides, all of which value his opinions and he is a reference point for Veronelli Editors. He is one of the few experts in the North of Italy that organizes wine tasting events of the highest level, at times offering wines otherwise unheard of, wines that seem to be a secret to many of his illustrious colleagues who boast years of experience of working for national guides. Luigi has justly earned the respect of wine producers, who know him because of his open communicative approach, his competence and unbiased respect for those who work in the sector. I know many producers who owe him a great deal. I have been a personal witness to this respect on many occasions: an incredible number of doors open during our visits throughout France and Italy. It is with great pleasure that I discovered the essence of my Friend, Teacher and Native Mantuan in Luna di Marzo Lambrusco: a wine with the traditional country flavours, frankness without compromising the vintage, and countless gentle nuances of the wild land of the Po.
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