Civiltà del Po - I ponti sul fiume
Un ponte di barche sul Po

The bridges on the Po

Throughout the centuries, nature and the work of man worked towards a common goal: nature wanted water to arrive, at least twice a year, and extend itself over the plains, and man constructed the strongest dams, canals and bridges to reach its' banks.
There were bridges made from trunks fixed together that floated on the water, barges and boats tied together and covered with wheels and rubber, ferries pushed against the current with poles, flat barges by a cord tied to the stakes on the other side of the river, people who pulled the ropes from one end to the other, with only the power of their arms, hoping that the rope held and long waits by others because the price of passage was lower if the group was larger. All of this by day because no one could cross by night.
Bridges made from wood, stone, decorated by symbolic statues and famous phrases, bridges made from iron and then cement.
Bridges for trains and then those beside others for the growing number of automobile traffic; bridges that broke in the dead of winter, bridges that seem to loose themselves in the fog, bridges that were blown to pieces during the German retreat and the allied bombings (breaking all of Italy in two), bridges that the current deteriorates, slowly but surely, at the base, bridges that are then finally reconstructed and stabile to connect the two sides of Italy connected by this great river.

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