Il vino lambrusco
Un tipico grappolo di vitigno lambrusco

Mantuan Lambrusco

A wine closely connected to its' territory; a territory with a long history dating back to the Etruscans, passing through the period of Virgil and reaching modern times through the diligent preservation owed to the work of the Benedictine Monks. Mantuan Lambrusco has easily adapted to the needs of the modern well-informed consumer: It is a wine that can accompany every day household cuisine due to its' low alcohol content, it can be drunk at lunch without inhibiting the workday. On the contrary, its' light fresh sparkling qualities assist digestion. It is a red wine with all of the health benefits that come from antocians and poliphenols, typical in red grapes. Studies have shown that Lambrusco has possibly one of the highest concentrations of these qualities. The grape varieties used to make Lambrusco are: Viadenese Lambrusco (Rubert Grapello), Maestri Lambrusco, Marini Lambrusco and Salamin Lambrusco for at least 85% and Ancellotta (Gold Grape), Sorbana Lambrusco and Grasparossa Lambrusco (Grapello) as possible choices for the remaining 15%. This wine can be considered historic but modern, healthy and safe, a good companion for any meal.



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