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Lambrusco Mantovano D.O.C. Luna di Marzo

Luna di Marzo (March Moon) Lambrusco Mantovano D.O.C.

This is a wine that captures the authentic traditions of our territory, interpreting the vintage used in a modern positive way.
The wine brings out the organolettic characteristics of the grape variety, keeping its' wild distinctive flavour.
This wine has character.

Visual Aspects
Ruby Red with personality, velvety, limpid and vibrant with a generous amount of dense lively foam. Chromatic impact that implies elegance.

Immediately expressive bouquet of wild berries, black currants followed by a hint of violets and an evident touch of cyclamens. Shortly after there is a pleasant round note of red plums, wild mirabells, black cherries and delicate strawberries.

Intense, velvety, elegant, fresh and soft. Delightful and complex, it satisfies the palate. Great balance. There is an optimum correspondence between the Aroma and the Flavour. Persistence and Intensity of the Aromas based on elegant notes of blackberries and wild red berries.

Serve Fresh: Between 12°C and 14°C in ample crystal wine glasses. (Calices)

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