Perchè The Lambrusco è un vino moderno

Mantuan Lambrusco: a modern wine

A recent study of consumer's expectations has shown that a large number of the test group preferred

  • Red wines
  • Full bodied soft wines
  • Wines that weren't too expensive
  • Wines tied to regional traditions

This group’s preference can be justified by the fact that the test group habitually consumes wine on specific occasions, in order of frequency:

  • At meals, preferably at home and in the evening
  • At gatherings with family and/or friends
  • At meals consumed in restaurants
  • Least often in wine bars or tasting events

This research can therefore conclude that in addition to the initial characteristics, consumers also look for wines:

  • Suitable to drink with meals, especially traditional dishes
  • That have personality and distinct qualities, but are still light and easy to digest
  • that are easy to find on the market and purchase reasonably
  • That are safe to drink and healthy, with as few additives as possible

Mantuan Lambrusco has most if not all of these basic characteristics.
It is an eclectic wine that offers a vast variety within its category and therefore allows the consumer to find the perfect wine for a number of occasions.
It presents:

  • Pleasant freshness (acidity)
  • Moderate quantity of tannins
  • Structure and body that is perceptible but never heavy
  • An ample bouquet with hints of flowers and fruit, and the right amount of sapidness
  • A sparkling quality that adds freshness to the wine

The most notable quality of our Lambrusco is the perfect balance of these characteristics and the delicacy of this equilibrium. The light aroma of fruits and flowers that makes this wine so interesting never covers any of its other particular characteristics.

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